Mistress Carmen's Star Pupil Starring Mistress Carmen with Mr. Carpet, the world famous human carpet. and introducing Tia Nichole Tyler.

review from climax times... MISTRESS CARMEN'S STAR PUPIL This video stars Mistress Carmen, the exciting new Dominatrix wonder. The new editor of Female Domination Forever, one of the top Fetish publications in the scene today, she uses her extensive knowledge of the S&M scene to train and teach Tia Nichole Tyler how to be both an accomplished slave and Mistress. This video begins with Mistress Carmen training her pupil Tia who is her understudy slave and shows her disciplined. The  training is  very real and nothing is glossed over. The action gives  the viewer  the feeling that you are sitting next to Mistress  Carmen as she puts slave Tia across her lap. The viewer is feeling  the vibrations of Tia's butt as she is spanked. When Rug Man is laid out  and walked on by slave Tia as Mistress Carmen  directs,  the viewer feels in the action, like being on top or part of the rug. This video is excellent and should be added to your  collection  especially  if you are into foot training and add  to  this some beautiful bare bottom training. Before this video review  I had  to see it twice and then be relieved before I could  concentrate on doing this column. I would rate this video on our 1  to 5 scale as a 5+. Slave Rachel admitted to being jealous of Slave Tia and would like to be in her place, and was as horny as if she had not got it within a month.

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