The Good Slave’s Reward doesn’t have many good slaves but does it have great bodies, both male and female, and some great SM. It stars Mistress Cherri and Deseree Diamond with Jessy Tyler, Slave J and Slave Jack. Cherri has never been more beautiful than in the first scene where she is being served by Jessy Tyler, a hot-looking slave, wearing little but see-through briefs and a wide, studded collar. I loved the way his delts rippled under his skin while he helps her on with her coat She commands him to remain in his submissive position while she is gone, but as soon as she is out of sight, he is pawing about the toys in the dungeon, smelling the leather and swatting himself with a paddle or two. He thinks he is being smart, but he doesn’t know about the concealed camera. Well, Cherri begins the disobedient slave’s punishment with a hand spanking. Once his ass is nice and red, she has him get up on an examining table and does an outstanding cock and ball bondage, finishing up by severely clipping his cock with clothespins and putting clamps on his nipples. I just loved the contrast between his white skin and Cherri’s blood red nails. The ropes dig deep into his balls and make them bulge so incitingly that she cannot resist severely cropping them and then playing with them using those lovely fingernails. Removing the clothespins, she again crops his cock and balls. His voice is hoarse with pain as he thanks her for each strike of the whip. A true artist like Cherri paints from a broader selection than just simple pain. As he begs her not to, she stimulates his cock with a huge vibrator. Untying him, Cherri lets him stroke his now erect... and mouth-watering... cock before she strictly wraps the entire shaft and makes him kneel and worship her exquisite leather-covered ass. In the next scene, Cherri is joined by Deseree Diamond, whose blond voluptuousness is an enchanting contrast with Cherri’s intense beauty. The ladies are playing with a really annoying SAM (Smart Arsed Masochist). While they whip him and pound his ass with paddles, the asshole gives them orders. No real mistress would put up with such behavior, and these ladies are real artists. Instead of continuing with the activities that don’t seem to be reaching the slave’s soul, they put him down on the floor and literally cover him with hot wax... one drop at a time... while he gasps. I noticed that the SAMishness melted faster than the candles. The screams are intense, and the begging, earnest. Since the ladies have him on the floor already, Cherri decides to turn him into a rug. Standing firmly on his chest and stomach with both feet and steadied by Deseree, she digs her heels into his wax-covered flesh. The begging is gone now. With all this weight on his body, the best he can manage is an occasional grunt. Next, Cherri lowers her leather-covered crotch to cover both his nose and mouth, cutting off both the grunts and his air. This little bit of erotic suffocation wipes out the last resistance in the unworthy slave, and the ladies leave him gasping for air while they are off to enjoy a glass of wine. Deseree is beautiful in the last scene. Her breasts are set off so nicely by her fishnet blouse, and the silver chains on the waterfall collar contrast nicely with her white skin. She is accompanied by a slave in cuffs and shirt only. He isn’t as attractive as the other two, but he is skilled at bootlicking, something he gets a lot of chances to do, and screams very nicely when Cherri locks him over a spanking bench and tickles him unmercifully. The gleeful look on her face lets you know that she’s really enjoying this part of the torture. Next he gets an intense hand spanking followed by another one with a cruel leather strap. Deseree’s breasts bob most attractively under her net blouse as she wales the tar out of this slave. Finally, she puts him in standing bondage and crops his shaved cock as he loudly thanks her.

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