The  three greatest names in fetish videos, Carter  Stevens, Steven Mitchell and Mistress Domino have teamed up once again  to bring you the very best in adult fetish entertainment. This is the first new video from Mistress Domino in almost a year.  Domino is one of the most popular Mistresses appearing  in Videos  today. See all the sizzling action and the  unique  style that have made her so popular with video buyers nationwide. Plot Synopsis: The Beautiful and stern Mistress Domino is forced to  disci pline  her  latest  slave (Evan Hughes) again.  A  sound  beating followed by a severe round of cock torture combined with  suspension quickly brings the errant slave back into line. A visit from Domino's landlord leads to a very unique way of resolving tenant/landlord disputes. In less time than it takes to say eviction Domino has the wimpy landlord on his knees  worshiping her long red leather boots. When  her newly conquered landlord fails to return home  his wife comes searching for him. Rather than allowing him to  leave Domino  quickly  binds  and gags the shrewish  wife.  An  intense session  of  suspension and bondage quickly reduces the  wife  to complete  subjugation along with her newly remade slave  husband. They  both  decide to devote the rest of their lives  in  serving their new Mistress.

AMSTERDAM Films in association with CARTER STEVENS PRESENTS "DON'T DEFY DOMINO" Starring Mistress Domino with Scott Baker Evan Hughes special guest star Gina Sweets Produced & Written by CARTER STEVENS Photographed, Directed and Edited by STEVEN MITCHELL

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