CSP-26 A PAYNE-FULL VISIT While visiting in Europe, Princess Pamela Payne takes one of her newest slaves in to the dungeon for a bit of fun. Fun for her, of course, as she shackles the hapless, slave to the table and proceeds to hang weights from his already tenderest parts. Leaving him to think about his future, she goes downstairs only to discover two of her other slaves making love in her bedroom without permission. Hauling them off to another dungeon, the irate Princess hangs the naughty female up on the cross and the horny male is hung from the ceiling. She quickly teaches them both a lesson they won't forget! She whips the female and takes a riding crop to the offending "little prick". Leaving them to think over their offense, she returns to her first slave who is treated to a prolonged session of cock torture. Lastly, she takes her good little slave downstairs and allows him to worship her boots while she has the errant female suck the cock of the still horny male, but never allowing him the release he so desperately needs!

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