Adult Video News says. . . "A World of Payne. . . is a good show. The foot bath scene is a treat for foot worshippers and the second slave whimpers most convincingly. Princess Pamela Payne is a Mistress to be contended with and this video is recommended." The Princess starts her day when David, one of her houseboys wakes her, bathes and worships her feet and helps her dress. But the poor boy forgets her foot basin and David receives a severe bare bottom spanking. . . Then the gardener is whipped and put through severe cock torture . . . A slave is bound and trussed on the very pool table he was supposed to clean and the cruel Mistress delights in her expert whipping of his buttocks and legs. All the slaves have learned what it is like to live in A WORLD OF PAYNE.
Starring Princess Pamela Payne with David Sacher, Danny Boy, with a special appearance by Moose Malloy. Produced & Directed by Carter Stevens

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