DOMINATION EUROPEAN STYLE starring MISTRESS CELINA SLAVE HANS and SLAVE ELLES Come visit Mistress Celina filmed live on location at her private dungeon in the Netherlands. When she finds her male slave, Hans, taking advantage of her female slave, Elles, she hangs him up and whips him. He obviously hasn't learned his lesson, for while Mistress is out shopping, he talks to the female slave hired to clean into serving him and releasing him from restraint. Once he is free he teaches her a lesson. A good over the knee spanking and then he hangs her in some of the most bizarre equipment ever seen. She is then taken to the bed where he ties her, uses her, only to be caught in the act by Mistress Celina. This time she hangs up both slaves and administers a no mercy session for their insolence. Domination as only the Europeans can do it. Domination European Style!

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