A VIST TO MISTRESS DEBBIE'S When her careless female slave forgets to order enough champagne MISTRESS DEBBIE must punish her with a stern training session followed by an old-fashioned over the knee spanking. This is followed by her first client of the day, a blonde, long-haired hunk who MISTRESS DEBBIE quickly puts in his place. His place is, of course, at her feet where he washes and worships her feet. Not satisfied with his efforts, the cruel Mistress hangs him up on her cross where she can have her female slave sexually tease him and frustrate him so that he can learn what it means to be a true slave of MISTRESS DEBBIE. Her next client is luckier. His meek acceptance of all the training and punishment Mistress Debbie puts him through is finally rewarded in a most humiliating manner.

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