CSP-10 DOMINO'S Dungeon

The beautiful and stern Mistress Domino is spending a quiet evening at home, but first she orders a pizza. The surly delivery boy insults her and soon put into his place. Tied, beaten, and fully humbled the poor pizza boy must suffer the ultimate humiliation of cock and ball torture. Because he is so late in returning, the pizza store owner calls to find out what has become of him. The cruel Mistress Domino tells the manager the delivery boy never showed up and demands that he as manager bring her over a replacement pizza himself. Little suspecting that he is walking into the black web of Domino's Dungeon. The manager brings the pizza only to be caught, quickly subjectated, made to worship his Mistress's feet only to receive a severe spanking over Mistress Domino's knee. Finally he is forced to take his place alongside the former delivery boy serving their new Mistress in her dungeon.

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