American  GINA SWEETS is on vacation on her own in  Holland. When  she calls her travel agent,  after a day of sightseeing she learns  that  her reservation for a room has been switched  to  a small out of the way hotel.  What she doesn't know and what  her travel agent doesn't tell her is that the hotel is a european sex hotel,  a place where european swingers come to mix and party. In room  after room Gina sees and sometimes joins in hot sex with  a continential  twist.  A  threesome  with  her  horney  room  mate followed  by  a hot plunge into the steaming bathtub filled  with another  wild couple.  Gina is engulfed in sex.  The wild day  is topped  off by an even wilder night in the hotel's  fully  packed orgy room.  Over a dozen hot horney bodies, licking, touching and more anyone within reach.  Gina's European Sex Tour is a trip she will never forget.

Starring GINA SWEETS Also Starring Wendy De Leouw, John & Xaviera van Rijn, Richard & Mandy Determan, Jan Van Der Schtoop, Elsie & Karel Peterlaan, Edwin Tweebaal, And Featuring Romona & Michael Deiter, John Donker, Anton DeBoer, & Roger Omshudden
casting: Liberty Promotions Roosendaal, Netherlands
Produced & Written by CARTER STEVENS
Photographed, Directed and Edited by STEVEN MITCHELL
Shot entirely on location in Europe

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