A sequel to Cruel Turnabout, in The Slaves Night Out, slaves Gina and Scott sneak away for an afternoon of play without the knowledge of Mistress Ilsa. Gina tells Scott that she is afraid of her Mistress discovering their secret. As she tells him of the last time the Mistress caught her disobeying we flash back to see Mistress Ilsa and her now thoroughly subservient manager Curtis bring Gina into the dungeon and tie her securely, then proceed to give her a good thrashing. Slave Scott sees how turned on she is getting by retelling the story, pulls her over his knee and proceeds to administer a sound thrashing to her ready bottom. But a spanking from a lowly slave like Scott just isn't the same and Gina soon turns the tables and forces Scott to worship her body and feet just as he would their absent Mistress.

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