The Beautiful and stern Mistress Domino is spending a  quiet evening  at  home,  but first she must over see and  correct  the cleaning atempts of her two resident slaves.  First she must show slave  Dan  how to properly clean her kitchen floor.  His  feeble attempts to clean the floor with a toothbrush are interupted when he spills soap on his mistress' high black boots.  After cleaning them  lovingly with his tounge he is shown how to use the  tooth brush.  His  mistress shows him the proper technique by  brushing his teeth with the same water he is using to clean her floor. Leaving him to finish the kitchen,  Mistress Domino goes  to check  on her second slave,  Moose.  His half hearted attempts to scrub her toilet bowl clean are met with a similar  demonstration of  brushing technique,  this time with the toilet brush  applied forcefull  by  his  mistress to his face.  Then he is  forced  to examine his cleaning job close up,  with his head pushed far into the toilet. After  their  cleaning is over both slaves  are  allowed  to worship  at their mistress's feet until the hapless Moose  angers Domino  with  his attitude.  Then its off to the dungeon  for  a hard  session  of attitude adjustment.  Then he is left to  hang from the cross while his red ass burns from his punishment. With her house slaves hung up or locked away in their cages, the Mistress can at last relax with a good magazine.  However, he quiet  evening is cut short when former Slave Robert  returns  to assert himself.  A carefully applied cattle prod,  quickly brings Slave  Robert  back  to his knees where he once again  learns  to worship his mistress.  But having her toes kissed and sucked  is not  enough  for the angered Mistress,  instead she  takes  Slave Robert  to the Dungeon.  After having him change into  his  zebra like  feminine garb she rides him like a horse and then  proceeds to  punish  him severly while sitting on his face.  Slave  Robert once  again  takes his place among the eager and  willing  slaves living under the domination of this exquisite Mistress.

AMSTERDAM Films in association with CARTER STEVENS PRESENTS An Evening at Mistress Domino's
Starring Mistress Domino with Robert DeSidne', Dan Silver, & Moose Martin
Produced & Written by CARTER STEVENS
Associate Producer KIMBERLY KARROL
Photographed, Directed and Edited by STEVEN MITCHELL
Filmed Entirely on Location At Mistress Domino's

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