BITCH QUEEN OF SUBURBIA Mistress Mara, the Bitch Queen of Suburbia, is awakened by her clumsy maid. A good spanking quickly administered reminds the maid of her place. Then the maid washes and worships her Mis tress's lovely feet, and dresses her Mistress for the day. Next it's out to the garage to wake the stupid gardener, whose night of hanging has not yet taught him the error of his ways. A good whipping added to his punishment improves his atti tude. Later a visit by a sissy insurance agent leads Mistress Mara to crossdress and make him up as a full transvestite woman and at the same time turns him into her second willing slave "girl". Then it's down into her cellar where Mistress Mara ends her full day by proving her domination over all her subjects, in a prolonged scene of domination, spanking, whipping, and body worship with all her willing slaves.

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