This is an extremely interesting film for the person into TV and TS domination. The story opens by showing a young woman going from her boudoir to the bathroom and relaxing in the bubble bath. The camera meanders over her gorgeous body and picks up on the highlights of her beautiful perky full breasts. Her face is of alabaster complexion and she has all of the soft curves one would expect a beautiful woman to have. We then go back to her bedroom where we observe her getting dressed. We next observe her seducing a delivery man and giving this man the hard-on of his life. She shows the expertise of a true courtesan and makes him cum as if it is the last orgasm he will ever have. Later that day she meets up with two other members of the male sex and proceeds to seduce them. Low and behold we now find out that not only is she beautiful but she is the proud owner of a penis. We are now able to see how the Trans-Sexuals do it. Here we see both parties playing with each other and finally going from feeling each other up to the great game of 69. Fellatio has never been so interesting. The question becomes:who has the more turgid cock? We see her and her sucking and pumping their brains out and cumming.

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