Review circa original release.
Thank God for D. Byrd and Sol Guano! In a day and age when they're trying to turn our beloved fuck film into a plate of pabulum, these two brave motherfuckers have made it their mission to put the fuck back in to fuck film. This is the first movie in a very long time in which S&M, in all its grim reality and delicious lubricity, rears its ugly leather-covered head. The dominance-submission sequences in this film are realistic, frightening, ungenteel, gripping, lengthy, and taken with dead seriousness. It is a film obviously made by cruel and dangerous persons, full of all the entrancing brutality of well-done sadomasochism, and diabolically charming. It is also a sex film of the most unregeneratedly unflinching order. In 75 minute of footage, there must be an hour of good, old time, ingenious and inventive fucky-sucky. But, of course, with Vanessa Del Rio leading the battered brigade of bimbos who get their muffs stuffed in this film, who expect otherwise? Ms. Del Rio is her rowdy, raunchy best in the lead role playing the head of sales for an underwear manufacturer whom had less scruples than an Angolan mercenary. "Maurice", the president of "Maurice's Exotic Line of Lingerie" is more into peddling flesh than flesh-colored underwear. He makes shit dry goods, but he's got a staff of hot-veined salesladies who deliver the wet goods as good as anyone. Vanessa and her girls (Annie Sprinkle and well-built newcummer, Minu Manage) invite a horny assortment of buyers to their shop for a little advance peep at the firm's fall line. And the businessmen fall for the line, too, but not before Vanessa, Annie, and Minu do a little lezbo warming-up in the company's dressing room.
Next, Vanessa takes the most well heeled buyer into the nearby Jacuzzi for passionate sales pitch which includes one of the nastiest blowjobs ever administered on a contemporary cock. Then Annie does her bit by taking on two humongo-hung studs for a little fellatio and freakery. During the course of their intense threesome, Annie gets deeply fistfucked in the cunt by one of the horny buyers. If you've never seen this kind of thing before, it's well worth the price of admission. Later, Minu Manage tenders her mellifluous mouth to two more buyers and is well rewarded by two prodigious loads of boyjuice.
But the action doesn't end in the environs of the fashion house. Vanessa now sends Mistress Lacey Rivers to the home of one particularly wimpy purchasing agent. Now Lacey is not particularly inclined towards the soft sell, her approach is to tell the creep that he stinks and needs a shower, after which she proceeds to beat up on him. This aspect of humiliation completed, she then proffers a rivulet of piss into his mouth. She's so gross he buys a gross or two of her lingerie! Finally, Vanessa dispatches Verushka and Honey Dash to the home of a really mean buyer. The guy fucks the bejeesus out of Honey, right there on his pool table and then proceeds to kick the shit out of Verushka.
This Verushka has to be the most masochistic screen queen since C.J. Laing. The blood welts on her boobs had cast and crew reeling and her scene is the most convincingly real event in the film.
S&M and B&D has been sorely missed on the adult screen in the past few years. Super-pious critics and women's libbers have vehemently condemned all depiction of aggressive-passive, dominant-submissive activity. This is ridiculous and turns pornography into a weird caricature of sexual fantasy. Either you have the freedom to explore the limits of human relationships, both in fact and fancy, or you don't. To deny vent to sadomasochism is to totally misconstrue the meaning, value, and even virtues, of pornography. To arbitrarily refine pornography can only be dangerous. Welcome back, S&M, and thank you, Messrs. Guano and Byrd.

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