Upcoming Advertising and Submission Deadlines

Since we publish a different magazine every month the submission deadline for the next issue varies from magazine to magazine. As this means that the article may have to wait a long time before it sees print, contributors will now be paid upon acceptance rather than publication. We are currently accepting articles for SLAVE, CHAINED, SPANKS-A-LOT, AND FORBIDDEN FANTASIES Our newspaper (THE S&M NEWS) is published bi-monthly The submission deadline for each issue is the 15th of the month for the issue that will be released the 25th of the FOLLOWING month.

The advertising deadline for the Newspapers is the last Friday of the Month; for publication the 25th of the following month

For Commercial Advertising rates call 1 [800] 326-9431 in the U.S. or [570] 839-2512 from elsewhere or E-Mail us

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