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Back issues of most of Carter Stevens Magazines are available directly from us.. Currently, the following Magazines are available: (Ordering information below)

Carter Stevens' CHAINED - bondage and female submission - High sexual content (female submissive only)   COVER Graphic (50K 30sec to download)

SLAVE - bondage and female submission - (female submissive only)

 Carter Stevens' IT'S A GAS! - Our newest best selling magazine all devoted to the latest fetish rage GAS MASKS!! COVER Graphic

Carter Stevens' SPANKS-A-LOT - spanking oriented material only (male & female submissive)

 Carter Stevens' FOOTPRINTS - foot fetish oriented material only (male & female submissive)   COVER Graphic

Carter Stevens' FETISH VIDEO REVIEW - fetish video reviews

Carter Stevens' FETISH PEOPLE - REAL personal ads from REAL people   COVER Graphic

COSMOPOLITAN DOMINATION - female domination - male submission, cross dressing, forced bi sexuality, genital torture (Male submissive only)   Due to settlement with Hearst Corporation Cosmopolitan Domination is no longer being published. Hearst suit information

Carter Stevens' MAGNIFICENT MISTRESSES QUARTERLY is a slick showcase for some of the best Mistresses in the world. Although there already  are several  fine magazines which run ads for Professional  Dominants they are nothing but collections of ads and can be quite prohibitive  as  far as cost to the Mistresses. The  first  thing  that makes  our publication different is there is NO CHARGE to  highlight a Mistress. MAGNIFICENT MISTRESSES QUARTERLY is NOT just a collection of overpriced  ads.  Each Mistress has a  short  biography  section (written  by  her) with her listing and picture,  this  biography explains  to  prospective  slaves what  each  Mistress'  personal interests and specialties are. It is a chance for each  Mistress to tell what makes her different from each of the other Mistresses  in the scene. This section allows perspective slaves to  get to  know a little about the Mistress before he wastes  her  time, and his. Another  thing  that makes this publication  different  from some of the other better know publications is that a Mistress  is not  able  to BUY a bigger space. Carter Stevens  Presents  decides  how  big an ad will be (minimum of any ad  is  1/4  page) based  slowly on the quality and originality of  each  Mistresses submitted picture and article. (This is solely our decision  but it allows a creative mistress with little money to compete on  an equal  basis with a mistress who might have a source  of  outside income) All of this means that MAGNIFICENT MISTRESSES QUARTERLY is the very BEST Domination Directory of International Mistresses available. COVER Graphic

We  also  publish many other magazines. Most of  our  other magazines  are "one-shot" single one of a kind unique publications


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