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Effective May 1, 1997, the Link Lists, Resource Guides, and other documents offered at the Kinky Flavors website will no longer be maintained by Mistress Blanca and Peter who are going on a unique adventure, and will not be active in the Internet bdsm publishing world for a few years.

The Kinky Flavors website will be closed on July 1, 1997.

This Notice was first posted on 4/27/97.

If and when The KINKY FLAVORS WEBSITE closes, CARTER STEVENS PRESENTS with permission of KINKY FLAVORS will absorb and continue to update the Spanking Resources Guide, THE FETISH LINKS LIST,and the BDSM LINKS LIST major portions of which follow:

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BDSM Links List

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Introduction to the BDSM Links List

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BBSes, Bulletin Boards

Archives BBS WWW Site BBS Links - Bondage

Bound For Pleasure BBS

English Palace BBS

Graphic Impulse BBS - AKA handcuff.comnow a full service adult system "catering to all legal fetishes".

Iron Rose a Telnet Talker site , focus is BDSM education in a real-time chat environment.

Metropolitan Slave

The Power Exchange

List of BDSM BBSes

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Books, Magazines, Newspapers, Zines



CTN Magazine

Daedalus Publishing Publisher of authors like Guy Baldwin, Race Bannon, Joseph W. Bean, Ivo Domínguez, Jr, Mistress Nan, and Jack Rinella. Race Bannon has done a great job with Daedalus Publishing.

Brat Attack


Cuir Underground,

Different Loving by Gloria Brame, William Brame, and Jon Jacobs.

DM International Publishers of Bitches With Whips, Kinky People Place and Things, and Taste of Latex.MOVED NO URL 10/25/98

FaT GiRLs Pay site

Le Fer Rouge "latex rubber &cool pervy products from London"

Graphic Impulse BBS

Greenery Press Publications. Lady Green's work published as The Sexually Dominant Woman, The Bottoming Book and in many other titles. Books, instruction manuals, newsletters, lists of resources, events, etc.. Excellent information for newbies to BDSM.

Metropolitan Slave

Mistress Jacqueline's Power Exchange Magazine

Modern GoddessBROKEN LINK 10/25/98

Mystic Rose Books

Pink Kink Catalog A very interesting index to kinky BDSM themes and scenes found with considerable frequency in women's romance novels.


Quality SM Bookstore (QSM) Over 600 BDSM books and magazines. They provide excellent mail order service. QSM sponsors lectures and seminars in the San Francisco area.

Redemption. A BDSM zine by Mistress Xandria.

Jack Rinella, author of "The Master's Manual."



SM NewsYou're already here, our main page

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SandMutopia Guardian A classic and superior BDSM magazine with the best of instructions and information.

Shadow Lane. Videotapes, audiotapes, and publications. Excellent for M/F, F/F, and some F/M spanking materials.

< >Skin Two (INCORRECT URL 9/10) The super glossy fetish magazine of all fetish mags. From England.

Trevor Jacques author of "S&M: On the Safe Edge."

WholeSM Publishing

Wild Books Bookstore A wide selection of fetish books and magazines.

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Alternative Sources, Trevor Jacques

Ms. Natasha, Bondage Tymes

Mistress Ona Zee's "Learning the Ropes" BROKEN LINK 10/25/98


Consult the FAQ, the dozens of books and magazines on BDSM techniques, and the SHS library.

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<>Fetish Café (dead url 9/10)

Alternate Sources

Northbound Leather

The Sex Workers' Alliance of Vancouver

Southern Alberta Association for Fetish/Fantasy Education/Exploration

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CDs, Audiotapes

Alternate Sources CD ROM

Cybertzara's Master/Slave Relationship

Mistress Jacqueline's CD.

X-traordinary Talk!

Shadow Lane.

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Supplies, Clothing, Jewelry, Leather and "Toys"

Adam and Gillian's Whips

Some of the very best hand made whips, etc available. Made by people who live the lifestyle and care about their products and the people who use them. VERY HIGHLY Recomended by me (Carter Stevens) who owns many of their whips and toys.

Alternate Sources CD ROM Directory.

Aphrodite's Temple

All San Francisco Dungeons

A-rotica Leather and Latex

Bent & Divine

Black Market Chicago

The Bullwhip FAQ

Chateau Product

CJ's Leather

De Tails

Dungeonware Leather

Fantasy Island Innovations

Good Vibrations

Gauntlet Inc.

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Janette Heartwood - Whips and Floggers.

Hide House Leather Shop

Kunzman Online

Impulsiva's metal collection

JT Toys (The Stockroom)

Leather Catalogue

Leather Creations

Love Kuffs

M.G. Handcrafted Leather

Men's Room!

Mr. S Leather Co & Fetters

Ms. Feyes Dominion

Nice -n- Naughty Adult Toys & Lingerie

Northbound Leather

Paradise Electro Stimulations

Paradise For Lovers


Santa Barbara Paddle Company

Spark of Desire

Spanking Resources Guide

Stormy Leather

Water Hole Custom Leather Inc

Matt Wellsby Whips

LifeStyle Leather & Wood

Pitiful Boot Licker Hand-crafted Leather Goods
harnesses, collars, restraints, floggers, etc. Mohr and LeMaster 812/232-6974 PO Box 8222 Terre Haute, IN 47808

The Oubliette i currently have put my business on the web. i have been building dungeon furniture for about 2 years and a Mistress suggested i go public with it because everyone was so pleased with the work and verstility. The result is "The Oubliette". i build dungeon furniture,paddles and toys for Masters,Mistress's and clubs. i am reasonably priced too so anyone can afford fun furniture. i can build anything but already have a nice selection that grows everyday.

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UK - Powerhouse

World Fetish Center Homepage.

Savage UK

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Some of the Favorite Websites

Of Mistress Blanca and Peter

Different Loving Catalog of Kink Links A comprehensive directory to the free information and documents on the Internet about BDSM. The insider coverage is very impressive. Close to 1,000 links arranged by numerous subjects at this visually appealing website . Classy layout! Developed by Gloria Brame, one of the authors of the landmark BDSM work "Different Loving" (Villard, 1993).

Quality SM Bookstore (QSM) Over 600 books and magazines available through their excellent mail order service. QSM sponsors lectures and seminars. Their catalog is a must for BDSM enthusiasts. The artwork, fiction, photography, and non-fiction published in the BDSM genre in the 1990's has been impressive. Get out your checkbook and PAY for some of this creativity.

Charles Haynes, Radical Sex, Favorite BDSM Pages A variety of links, information, and news items. Solid.

Don't forget a stop at the ever popular Usenet newsgroups:,, and These three Usenet newsgroups are the arena for Public Net-Talk, news, fiction, and commentary about BDSM. There are separate newsgroups for BDSM/Fetish graphics; and, separate personals newsgroups.

Human Sexuality Library at the University of Washington. Good ascii.txt articles on a variety of topics.

Princess Sheeba A popular graphics artist puts up a nice webpage.

Alternate Sources Information, CD, SafeSM.

Sandmutopian Guardian Do we have a collection of all the issues of this fine BDSM periodical? Yes, of course.

S & M News and other Carter Stevens Presents Publications and Videos. Multi-faceted, commercial, and some nice business information directories.

( their words, not mine CS)

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Female Top and Female Bottom

Female Top and Male Bottom

Mistress Carmen (Carter's personal favorite)

Mistress Cherri Orchard

Lady Lusynda Gray RETIRED

Mistress Myah TEMP. RETIRED

(update 10/25/98 ends here)

a new private trample site. Female domination - trampling.

The Iron Gates a public dungeon in Atlanta, GA

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Body Art Links List (18K, html).

Fetish Café

Fetish Links List (39K,html)

Fetish Network

Pervertual Reality

Giantess Queen Adrena's Fetish Domain

SeXXXtreme Shop

Stormy Leather

Versatile Fashions

Wicked Ways

P>The Handcuff Page

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Fiction, Erotica

Akasha's Stories

The Alt.Sex.Spanking Story Archive. Maintained by Laura Werner. Author index to collected stories. 26 authors included.

Dierdre's Stories

Erotic Vox A page devoted to quality BDSM literature, poetry and links. [Lost Link: 1/12/97]

The "Imagine..." series of power-exchange erotica by Catholic Guilt

Mistress Janeway's Logbook from Star Fleet Adventures

Manix's Leather Stories

Laylah Martelli's Stories [Lost Link: 1/12/97]

Mule's Stories

Pink Flamingo Publications. Lizabeth Dusseau's spanking novels.

The Power Exchange [Adult Verification Required]

Princess Sheeba's Story Archive

Elf Sternberg's Home Page & stories

Slave Heat erotic e-zine on the web focusing on D/s and erotica.. free access

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General Interest

Alternative Sexuality Resources

Alternate Sources

Basement Bondage A commercial site covering BDSM including information, news, links, shopping and pictures.

B&D Treasures Uses Porno Pass.

Bianca's Smut Shop Dungeon.

Bizzar Anzeigenmarkt

The Cybererotic Zone

Cyber Kinky Website by Bruce and Valerie

Deviants' Dictionary a project that aims eventually to provide a comprehensive and interactive on-line encyclopaedic dictionary of BDSM-related terms, an 'encyclopervia' of the Net. The terms are simply arranged in alphabetical order and the entries include a brief definiton, supplemented by more detailed information, practical and safety discussions, links to other sites of interest and sometimes even illustrations, anecdotes and personal experiences. It's intended to be fun as well as informative and responsible.

Different Loving

Enchantress's Secret Garden

Fetish Network

House of Domination

Kinky Flavors.


Leather Outreach Project

Modern Goddess Links Page.

The BDSM Cave of Nail

Patches Place

Redemption: Mistress Xandria.

Resources for Kinky Women

The San Francisco Dungeon and Chat - Entryway.

Screaming Numbers: Bodage, Discipline, and Sadomasochism.

The Sex Workers' Alliance of Vancouver

SF Dungeon

UK BDSM Home Page

Urban Desires

Wasteland - The Darker Side of Desire A comprehensive online guide to bdsm, fetishism and more. Includes photo and film archive, resource section, live chat and international dungeon equipment suppliers listing. $39.95 per year for unlimited access.

Without Restraint ... Online!

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Graphic Arts, Art, Photography

Mark I. Chester

Graphic Impulse BBS

Doris Kloster's Virtual Gallery: The Dungeon

Eric Kroll Photography

Hisayoshi Osawa's Deep Virtural Art Gallery

MC Studios, Inc.

Princess Sheeba

Michael Rosen (Photography)

The Erotic Gallery (Photography)

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Health, Safety, Sanity

SaferSM Education Project is maintained by volunteers for the AIDS Committee of Toronto

Kink Aware Professionals

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Information, FAQs FAQ

The Bullwhip FAQ.

The Dominatrix in Print and Other Media (140K, ascii.txt)

The Fem Dom Manuals by Christine and David Stevenson. "Lots of ideas for monogamous het couple BDSM play were husband is a masochist and wife a cooperative lover. The Stevensons live in Portgual and run an Inn that appeals to BDSM fans. They also offer a piece of BDSM software for idea generation." They can be reached at

Japanese Translations and Resources From Naoyuki Murakami

Human Sexuality Library at the University of Washington

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Information for Beginners FAQ Usenet newsgroup

Different Loving Catalog of Kink Links

The Dominatrix in Print and Other Media (140K, ascii.txt)

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Introduction to the BDSM Links List

The subjects covered in this BDSM Links List include: bondage, discipline, sadomasochism, dominant and submissive erotic relations, spanking and whipping, Leather Culture, fetishes, sexual subservience, the Kink-Perv Scene, Top-bottom roles, Leather Sex, authors and creators in the BDSM culture, artwork, fiction, good bookmarks and links to BDSM resources, clubs and organizations, pansexual resources, Radical Sex, etc.

Mistress Blanca and Peter first published The Dominatrix in Print and Other Media (145K, ascii.txt) in the newsgroup in October, 1994. They are also the authors of the original Spanking Resources Guide (88K, html) whichis now being maintained and updated by Amsterdam Films, Inc. and THE S & M NEWS. The Spanking Resources Guide may also have material of interest to readers of this BDSM Links List.

We support the Blue Ribbon Campaign for Online Freedom of Speech, Press, and Association.

If you would like your BDSM site listed in the BDSM Links List, or wish to share information with the authors, then please write to Carter Stevens at Amsterdam Films, Inc.. We welcome comments, suggestions, ideas, and constructive criticism. Please inform us if we have misclassified any links, missed a good link, or if you want a link removed from one of the Kinky Flavors Links Lists. Thanks very much for your interest and support.

Websites appear and disappear - a fact of Net economics. If a personal or hobbyist site becomes too popular, expenses climb, then the site is closed. Sites listed in the BDSM Links List document and checked a mere month ago might be gone now. So, be prepared for some dead-end links, and BACK out. We try to capture all the commercial websites and the sites run by organizations and universities, because these links live longer.

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Chat Groups, Discussion Groups, Forums

Beauty's Castle

Basement Chat a BD/SM Zone

Bondage& Pics Channel of DALnet BL

Ds Kiosk: IRC Ds Event Schedule and Resource Center. Information on BDSM irc channels, happenings, and resources. Bulletin board, files of discussions, articles, link lists. Excellent starting place for BDSM irc.

The #femdom FAQ by Dee Ann LeBlanc.

Internet Relay Chat FAQ

The Power Exchange

A Pretty Good List of D/s and BDSM Channels on IRC. Hundreds of BDSM and D/s channels.

X-traordinary Talk!

#BDSM 21+ A channel in which people of Dominant or submissive natures come together for chat and the company of like minded individuals interested in the BDSM LifeStyle NO TROLLING, NO ADVERTISING and NO HARRASSING

List of some BDSM IRC Channels:

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Bookmarks, Indexes, Guides

Alternative Sexuality Resources

Alternative Sources, Trevor Jacques

BDSM Links - Yahoo

Bondage Links - Yahoo

Charles Haynes, Radical Sex, Favorite BDSM Pages

Deep Sea's List of LinksBL

Different Loving Catalog of Kink Links

The Dominatrix in Print and Other Media.

Hot Contacts (BDSM)

Charles Haynes, Radical Sex, Favorite BDSM Pages

Human Sexuality Library at the University of Washington

Information Zone

Kinky Flavors

The Leather Nexus

Leather Outreach Project

Leather Navigator

Screaming Numbers

Manx's Leather Friendly

Patches Place

Pervertual Reality

The Power Exchange

Jack Rinella's Favorite Sites

Sex Info on the Net

Slakker's Leather Page

S/M - Yahoo

SM Leather Outreach Project

Tammad Rimilia's Chain Links

Society for Human Sexuality

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Mail Lists

The world's largest directory of mailing lists is Liszt. Liszt is both browsable and searchable.

SUBSCRIBE femsupremacy-d Discussion about about female supremacy, feminist doctrines, gynosupremacy, and female leadership of men and in worldly affairs.

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Male Top and Female Bottom

And the Kinky Sex is Great Too - midnight's submission BL (M/F)

California Star: "Presents the Best in Classic Bondage, Spanking, Tickling, and English Discipline Videos."

Enchantress's Secret Garden

Kajira Hill's Little Corner of Cyberspace. Short articles, links, photos, Gor fan material, personal experiences, and the outlook and experiences of a female slave that wants a special relationship.

Latches Latches is a non-profit online support and discussion group for submissive women who have had some real-time, physical experience with D&S which was founded in February, 1997. With its private mailing list, newsletter, Web site, chat rooms, member profiles list, and in-person get-togethers Latches provides its members with a safe and supportive venue in which to talk about their lives, discuss problems or issues of concern to submissives, and make new friends. There are now over 100 women participating in Latches.

Lord Odin and His Pleasure

Psyre and Screamer's Home Page. Flick of the Wrist Productions, Carmel, CA. BDSM Pages: links, articles, newsletter, pictures.

Mr. T's - Women in Bondage



Submissive Women Speak


The SUB Shop a Fem sub site

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Male Top and Male Bottom

Chastity Belt Site

Daedalus Publishing

Deaf Leather Resources

Gladiators World Alliance

Homme Site Gallery


The Leather Nexus

Male-Male Spanking Videos

Men's Room!

Metropolitan Slave

Powerhouse (UK)

Radical Faeries

Jack Rinella

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Music, Dance, Performance Art

Cybertzara's Master/Slave Relationship

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UseNet Newsgroups, Forums, Discussions

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Classifieds, Contact Ads




D/S Personals (ONLINE)

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Sociology, Politics

Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries & Visions

Different Loving Catalog of Kink Links

Ritual Abuse and Healing Home Page.

Kink Aware Professionals

Seven Stages in the Development of Erotic Power Exchange (BDSM)

Checklist for Potential Submissives

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Flagellation, Whipping, OTK

The Spanking Resources Guide (78K, html) originally authored by Mistress Blanca and Peter, now maintained by Amsterdam Films,Inc. and Carter Stevens. This document is a comprehensive and current collection of Internet links; and, non-Internet print and media references and resources. Extensive notes and commentary included. One of the best documents on this subject at this time on the Net! Updated on a semi-regular basis.

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Spirituality, Religion, Psyche

The Dark Goddess

Goddess Web Page

Hindu Tantrick Home Page

Pagan Best of the Web

Radical Faeries

Persimmon's Radical Faerie Home Page

The Radical Pagan Homepage

Service of Mankind Church

Service of Mankind Church Documents

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Support Groups

Organizations, Clubs

Alternative Sexuality Resources

APEX (Arizona Power Exchange)

ATONS of Minneapolis

B.O.S.S. Blood of Saint Sebastienne

Boston Dungeon Society

Conversio Virium

The Black Rose

Cradle of Thorns - Alabama

Escape - Las Vegas

The Eulenspiegel Society (TES) - New York

Evangelical Perv Association - Oregon State University

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Femina Society

Gay Male S/M Activists (GMSMA)

House of Differences

Houston PEP (People Exchanging Power)

Kink Aware Professionals

National Leather Assoc in Austin, TX

Megalesia Quebec.

PEER Group (formerly PEP-Ohio) Support Group - We are in our 4th year of existence now and are located in SW Ohio. PEER Group is a sincere discussion/support/social group for all adults (be theymale/female, married/single, straight/gay, bisexual, transsexual, transvestite) concerned with Dominance/submission in love relationships. We are located in the Cincinnati, Ohio area.

Phoenix Society Organization in Baltimore, Maryland.

Portland Leather Resources Directory

The Power Exchange

SaferSM Education Project is maintained by volunteers for the AIDS Committee of Toronto

Sanctuary of a Dark Angel

Seattle S/M Resources List

Service of Mankind Church Documents The SMC publishes The Essemian Way.

Society of Janus

Tarheel Leather Club Documentary

Trident International Knights

The Triskeli Guild: Pacific Northwest

Utopian Network

NLA (The National Leather Association

Leather Rose Society
PO 223971 Dallas TX 75222 1-214-697-6180

"Gulf Coast PEG is a BDSM/D&S/Fetish support group in Pasadena TX, that's opened to all genders and fetishes who wants to learn and play in a SAFE environment. The leadership is a benevolent dictatorship, belonging to Art and Trellen Russey as leaders.. but we listen with opened minds".

Many BDSM magazines publish lists of clubs and organizations. Look in current issues of THE S&M NEWS, Prometheus (TES), Sandmutopian Guardian, Checkmate, Black Book, and many others.

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Videos, Films

Amsterdam Films and SM News


Last minute additions not checked yet.

Amsterdam Films and SM News (just a test)

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BDSM Bed and Breakfast
and Resorts

Differences. Their phone # is (415) 585-9662. Actually it is a bed & breakfast with 2 or 3 dungeons. Some of their rooms have play spaces built in.

(NO LINK) a BDSM motel in Vegas is the Olympus Inn. Their phone # is (702) 262-9669. They're across the street from the Hacienda toward the south end of the Strip.

(NO LINK) Cassandra Payne's...Payne Manor in Vancouver BC,.

(NO LINK)the Mansion,..outside of Nashville.

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from original list compliers Mistress Blanca and Peter

The free and commercial distribution of factual information about BDSM - a form of safe, sane, consensual, fun, adult, and very creative sexuality - is very important so as to enable everyone to expand, enhance, and increase their erotic pleasures. In addition, it helps to enlighten non-participants so as to liberate closeted or publicly active BDSM players from harrassment and unreasonable discrimination, unfair and useless legal sanctions, and public misunderstanding.

Information and education about human sexuality should aim to improve public health, enhance the well-being of individuals and couples, explore alternatives, reduce population growth, and prevent the spread of disease.

Protect your good health and the health of others by practicing Safe sex.

Support free speech on the Internet.


Original list Copyrighted 1997 by Green Way Research, and used with their permission. New versions copyrighted 1998 Amsterdam Films, Inc. Lexington Ave. P.O. Box 727, Pocono Summit, PA U.S.A.

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Individuals may download and copy this document for their personal use for free Any unauthorized use, distribution, or duplication in print or electronic format for commercial gain is prohibited. This document is provided as is without any express or implied warranty. Please do not modify the BDSM Links List. This document can be used, shared, copied, and widely distributed for informational and educational purposes. It may not be sold for profit or incorporated in commercial documents without the written permission of the copyright holder. Requests to utilize, distribute, sell, archive , sponsor, or advertise in the BDSM Links List should be sent to Carter Stevens.

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