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The following are articles originally published in the S&M News. Some of them range rather far afield from S&M but they give a good feel for what our publication is like and a broad sampling of my own personal rambling thought processes. Our publications themselves are more narrowly focused and deal more with BDSM subjects but here, (and for free) I am trying to give more of a general feeling for the tone of our publications. I hope you find the articles informative, interesting and above all entertaining. Please feel free to send me feed back on your reactions. I really am interested in your opinions.

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October 2004 article
MARQUES de SADO a new BDSM resort in Spain
July 2004 article
Revolution - a monthly BDSM event held in northern Italy
May 2004 article
"SCENEprofiles Interview with Anne Tourney, Erotica & BDSM Author
November 2003 article
"SCENEprofiles Interview with Kevin and Kathaya, Co-Editors of DS World
August 2003 article
Who's the Real Dom here? (AKA the real truth about TPE) by Carter Stevens
July 2003 article
Facts and myths about BDSM safety by Hans Meijer
July 2003 book reviews
BOOK REVIEWS: Shibari Fumo Ryu Gakùnen 1 (Shibari Fumo Style - Level One), a.k.a. Shibari, the art of Japanese Bondage, plus It's Not About the Whip: Love, Sex, and Spirituality in the BDSM Scene
June 2003 article
"SCENEprofiles Interview with Sascha Illyvich, Author of "Mistress Kitty and Trent: Tales of Love and Romantic BDSM" and "Sensualities"
April 2003 article
"SCENEprofiles Interview with Kari Svendsboe, Executive Editor of Daedalus Publishing Company"
March 2003 article
"SCENEprofiles Interview with Deborah Addington, BDSM & Spirituality Author"
January 2003 article
"Interview with Lady Catherine, Founder of Fetish Auctioneer."
July 2002 article
"BONDCON - a visit to a BDSM convention."
June 2001 article
"I was for Sale - Book Review"
Feb 2000 article
"What is BDSM"
June 99 article
"Serious Shit" *politics and BDSM
October 98 article
" Erotic Thoroughbreds Show - A Review "
September 98 article
"The Dungeon's Dusty - Music"
August 98 article
May 97 article
"Condoms II"
March 97 article
"Autumn's Season"
Nov 96 article
"Hidden Assets"
July 96 article
"Fling Party"
June 96 article
"The Labeling Law"

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